Here’s to love…

I am slowly falling in love and still very much enjoying getting to know this wonderful man in my life. It really is awesome to be dating someone that shows you how he feels about you rather than saying it. It’s nice when he says it, but the thing is, he doesn’t have to. I know exactly how he feels about me without him saying a thing. Usually, the guy I am with will say one thing and show me something on the contrary. With this one, he doesn’t tell me everything he feels. He shows me. I don’t even think he realizes that I know he loves me even though he doesn’t say it. It’s too soon to say it, really, and I’m not completely ready to hear it, but I know he feels it. He treats me with so much love and respect. I don’t need him to say it just yet.

I’ve learned recently that he has some fears from being married before, which is expected. Those fears may make things go a little slower, but for the first time in a long time, I’m in no hurry. Going slow is always the best way to go and I’m sticking to that. He is also afraid that his flaws may hurt me, but he doesn’t realize just how patient of a person I am yet. It seems like so far that he and I just work. We are a great match. It was so funny the other day when we realized that we really don’t have much in common. We just work. I’ve always looked for someone who was so similar to me, so maybe that’s why this is working so well… because we are so different. We balance each other out well!

Here’s to love and many more days of growing more in love.