I think I have noticed a pattern in my dating life. I only completely fall for someone if they are COMPLETELY wrong for me. However, maybe the opposite is true… That I completely fall for someone who is completely right for me. Maybe that’s why I haven’t fallen for the right person yet. I used to wonder why I didn’t fall for a couple of guys I dated who seemed pretty right for me, but now I know why I didn’t. They weren’t completely right for me and they weren’t completely wrong for me either.

The man I am dating now possesses so many qualities I’ve always wanted in someone but I either forgot I wanted those qualities or gave up that they even existed after so many bad apples. I just hope that time continues to show me just how wonderful he is.


3 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. Remember, to become the person you want to be, and the right man will show up to match you… don’t live in the past. From your perspective, he’s here to match you. From his perspective, your here to match him. If it’s the other way around, you’re living in a fantasy that will always create trouble. This is your lesson my dear, and why you’ve attracted the wrong men.
    When you close your eyes, who’s looking back? You are. This life is all about you, your decisions, your perspectives, and yes your relationships are all your creations. Be and connect with the beautiful woman you are, first. Then, the right man will show up.

  2. That’s exactly my view and what I’v always told people. I’ve really only dated a few that were completely wrong for me. I don’t have a long list of horrible relationships. Maybe I made it sound that way. Most of the men I’ve dated were wonderful guys, but there was just something missing, or I saw something after getting to know them that I knew would be a problem someday. I think we sometimes fall for those awful people, because they are so the opposite of us that it is somewhat exciting. Those relationships tend to move incredibly fast and then end fast. At least, that’s what happened in my cases. And maybe they weren’t awful people, they were just awful for me, because they weren’t a match for me. I really do think that one of them has some MAJOR issues, though!

    I don’t feel that I need any man to make me complete and happy. However, I want that and it’s okay to want that. I’m sure you’ll agree. This dating game has been such a frustrating process for me, because I decided to be picky and not rush into something like many of my friends did who are now getting divorced. It was so hard for me to watch everyone get married, but now I’m happy I’ve been patient. My goal is to find something that lasts, not just be happy for a couple of years.

    Thank you for caring enough to leave a comment! 🙂

  3. Jayden, my site has posts on relationships in almost every corner of it, so instead of repeating myself please take a look around. I have a few simple perspectives that may offer a path that follows the steps of a lasting relationship.
    I wish you well in any direction you choose.

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