It’s over…

…and I feel alive again. I have to say, police officers and firefighters are some of the biggest pussies alive. I’m on my way to his house to give him back a few things he gave me. I’ve never done that before, but I’m sure it will feel awesome. He’s not there so it will be a nice little surprise waiting for him when he gets home.

So, what happened? We were supposed to meet today at 3, but something came up that he could have easily avoided, so he sent me a text at 1:30 to reschedule for tomorrow at noon. Here was my response:

“It’s apparent that WE are not important to you anymore. If talking to me was a priority, you would have not chanced your boss declining your request to go in late to work tonight. I find it odd that you wanted to meet at 3 knowing that you would have to leave by 4 today. I’m convinced you don’t want to continue this relationship and I’m done tearing myself up over it. I expected a lot more of you. I am very sorry that I was wrong about you… very sorry.”

And that was it! He didn’t even respond! Mthrfkng a-hole!


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